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Management in the Age of Opinion
2024 Supply Chain Management Conference. Portugal, May 7-8

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Management in the Age of Opinion

How to move from risk to reputation management with the MEMO® method
  • Accelerate decision-making time by 55%

  • Reduce risks and errors by 75%

  • Real and current cases

  • Research

  • Insights

  • Interactive and dynamic

  • No value judgment!

Real case examples

How Distrust Took Down Disney's CEO

What a Restaurant Owner Faces Today

How Employees “Fired” the OpenAI Board

The Startup That Lost Investors' Trust 

Like Dydyo and Frisky, from RO to national news

+ B Lab, Souza's Car Repair Workshops, WebSummit, Downtown Cafés

Some of the places I mentioned 






Unicorn Events

Downtown Cafés

Souza's Car Repair Workshops

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22 years in the classroom

MBA and Postgraduate degree from ESPM - Marketing. Strategy

MBA and Postgraduate course at INSPER - Marketing. Strategy. Government Relations


Gui spoke at two Public Affairs Council Europe events. All participants greatly appreciated his knowledge and strategic vision on stakeholder relations and his 3A approach that evolved into the MEMO management system in the opinion era. I also discovered that he is a person of high integrity and wisdom, always open to learning, despite having 35 years of experience.Andras Baneth. Founder SpeakerHub.

100% on NPS!Juliana Abreu, Unilever.

Best event of the year. Nelson Silveira, IBGC.

Everyone loved it.Alexandre Escorel, then CEO of Philips Home Appliance.

Gui Athia presented to a group of C-Suite his vision about stakeholders and capitalism and his proposal for inclusive management, the MEMO system. Although these topics were new to the audience, they enjoyed Gui's presentation so much that a third watched a MEMO simulation just two weeks later.Paulo Freitas, ESPM Leadership Academy.

Gui has the unique ability to use his knowledge and experience to benefit the public. He is a remarkable communicator. By answering questions from the audience, you can see that he did his homework correctly, checked out books, articles, and consulted people to make sure he was up to date. ANDlza Baptista Filha, Former Administrative and HR Officer of the NATO Public Diplomacy Division (PDD).

Gui believes that organizations must be inclusive and be responsible for making inclusive decisions on urgent issues such as climate, racism and inequality. It proves that, while everyone defends their point of view, organizations are not prepared to understand and decide on issues involving multiple stakeholders – a situation that will only get worse after COVID-19. He presents the 5A approach: Adopt a multi-stakeholder team to anticipate, analyze, act and move forward. Gui firmly believes that behind prosperity are interested companies – a vision he has developed over decades of hyper-diverse experience as an executive, professor and pioneer on four continents.Gunter Gaublomme, Director of the Brussels-VUB Diplomatic Academy.

Guilherme Athia is a brilliant professional and leader. He successfully combines clear vision and strategic thinking with excellent communication, interpersonal skills and diplomacy. He is highly empathetic and working with him is always an enriching experience. He has strong negotiation skills and obstinately pursues his objectives, always looking for win-win solutions. Davide Cappellino, 
President of AGC Architectural Glass Europe and Americas.

Nike Maxim Award 2013

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